Stimulusmania: Support for bill soars to 59%

Up seven points in seven days. I knew The One’s salesmanship would give it a bump, but I didn’t figure on this much:

Most of the newfound support comes from rank-and-file Democrats, suggesting President Barack Obama’s efforts to sell the plan over the past week — including in his first televised news conference on Monday — have shored up support within his own party. Last week, Gallup found 70% of Democrats in favor of Congress passing the economic stimulus package, but today that figure is 82%.

Over the same period, support for the stimulus package held steady among independents, with a slight majority in favor of it. The percentage of Republicans favoring the package rose slightly from 24% to 28%, but remains below the 34% support received in early January, before Congress began its formal consideration of the package.

Among people who think the economy’s in “poor” shape, support currently stands at 61 percent. The One’s approval rating, per McClatchy: A robust 69 percent. Exit question: Enough political cover for the wavering three to hop aboard? Just listen to this sales pitch. Who could resist?