Helen Thomas to Obama: Do you know of any country in the Middle East with nukes?

Behold the left’s journalist hero, using her moment on national television not to ask a probing question of the president but to grandstand by asking a question everyone knows the answer to. She’s trying to get Obama to say “Israel” so that she can embarrass herself with a follow-up about why it’s okay for them to have apocalyptic weapons but not the anti-semitic, eliminationist fanatics in Tehran. Tony Snow, among his many other virtues, had her pegged. I give her credit for consistency, though: Take a walk down memory lane with Newsbusters and remind yourself what her first “question” to Bush was. She’s always been a grandstanding hack. That’s why liberals adore her, and why even The One feels obliged to pay her a little extra homage at the beginning here.

I’m giving you the full exchange so you can see how he avoids her trap. I take the fact that he didn’t let her follow up at the end as a sign of his righteous annoyance. Note, too, her reference to the “so-called terrorists” in the Pakistani tribal areas. Like I say, Tony Snow was no fool.