Video: White House pretty sure re-sodding the Mall will create jobs or something

Via Breitbart. And to think, I once imagined The One’s jobs plan would involve little more than makework duties like cleaning parks.

Actually, the Mall funding’s just a tiny part of the stimulus — $200 million out of what’s now approaching $900 billion — but, just like they did with the contraception stuff, the GOP’s seized on it as a particularly media-friendly illustration of how much pork’s in the bill. The Blue Dogs are nervous about it too, with Jim Cooper singling it out (along with $50 million for the NEA) as a particularly egregious example of non-stimulation. And just as I’m writing that, Politico reports that the provision’s expected to be dropped tomorrow. Exit question: Anything else in the bill we can showcase as especially porky and ill-conceived? Didn’t I read something about a monorail…?