Limbaugh: Obama should have invited "genuine conservatives" to dinner

Part two of his interview with Hannity; the fun starts halfway through the first clip of, if you prefer, three-quarters of the way down here. I’m amused that Hannity names David Brooks as an example of a right-wing antagonist on a day when Brooks, more than anyone else who was at that dinner, is holding The One’s feet to the fire about what a piece of shinola the stimulus bill is. The other attendees, like Noonan, are too consumed with the glory of the inauguration. Even Krauthammer, a perpetual favorite of Hot Air commenters, is starting to draw grumbles.

Limbaugh’s right, of course, that Obama was there to coopt his critics, not to be persuaded, but as I said earlier, that’s par for the course for The One. It’s the gesture of listening to the other side that he’s after, not absorbing or acting on any of their ideas. I wonder if he reminded them over dessert that he won. Exit question: Which would you prefer, Obama-brand “bipartisanship” or straight-up, James-Clyburn-style “you’ll take it and like it” honesty?

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