Video: Jew-eating rabbit succumbs to Zionist aggression

Via LGF, this makes three anthropomorphic characters on Hamas children’s TV to be offed in the past 18 months. You’ll recall that Nahoul the Jew-hating bee expired in a Gaza hospital, the victim of Israeli neglect, while Farfour the Jew-hating mouse got a more robust send-off, being beaten to death by a Zionist agent. Assud debuted last February as a proud Jew-eater but his menu expanded over time to include Danish cartoonists. He was last seen in these parts teaching Gazans an important lesson about what happens to bad little boys and girls under shari’a law.

The subtitles are in Hebrew (translations welcome) but you can fill in the blanks, I trust. It starts about 45 seconds in; before that comes a musical tribute to Qassam rockets from the Hamas Youth. Exit question: Any guesses as to which animal character will replace Assud? I’m imagining a Big Bird knockoff that has some unanswered questions about the Holocaust.