Video: Limbaugh and Coulter on the media

Normally I’d just give you the transcript, but on a cold, slow Friday night I figured you might be looking for something to watch. As always with Coulter, good points are interspersed with … less than good ones:

COULTER: …What I think is interesting about Soros; and Marcos, whatever his name is, of Daily Kos; and Arianna Huffington are, you know, basically the three unofficial spokesmen of the Democratic Party and they all speak in foreign accents of their foreign upbringings. Can’t you wait a few generations? Let your grandkids do the America bashing, you know, not right away. You can barely understand them.

RUSH: Arianna, you need a translator.

COULTER: And George Soros!

RUSH: Yeah, him, too. I’ve never heard the Daily Kos guy speak.

COULTER: Yeah, he was brought up in someplace in Latin America. You can’t understand them. They speak in foreign accents. They represent the Democratic Party.

Eh, cheap shot. Kos doesn’t have an accent; he’s perfectly intelligible. All she’s doing is playing a cruder version of Tom Hanks’s new favorite game. But dive in; 30 minutes of vid awaits.