Video: Michelle rips Obama's stimulus plan and the GOP's complicity in it

A timely clip as news breaks that Bush and Obama are hooking up to double-dip on TARP, even while 53 percent of Americans tell Gallup they’re ready for another $700 billion bite. On a related note, you’ll be pleased to know that that town in Alabama that wanted $375 million from the stimulus has quietly withdrawn its request. Some cynics perceived it as greedy, you see.

Here she is on Cavuto followed by The One speaking earlier today about how urgently dire our dire urgency is in passing the bill, a draft of which his team hopes to dump on Congress next week. Exit question: If/when blog advertising dries up later this year, which “makework job” in Obama’s WPA should I apply for? I’m thinking about pothole-filler. Out: Hot Air. In: Fresh air!