Showdown: Senate rejects Burris's certificate of appointment

No signature from the secretary of state means no admittance means a glorious Democratic meltdown on the floor tomorrow.

CNN’s Susan Roesgen reports that Burris has filed a motion, a “writ of mandamus,” with the Illinois Supreme Court to force the Illinois secretary of state to sign the certificate. There court has not yet issued a ruling on the issue.

Would a man shameless enough to take to the pulpit at a Chicago church to demand his appointment be shameless enough to show up tomorrow and force Reid to turn him away at the door for the cameras? Answer: Of course he would, silly.

Here’s a snippet from today’s presser. Reid swore on “Meet the Press” yesterday that he never told Blago not to appoint the three black legislators who were under consideration. Too late, Harry: The Senate’s now “the last bastion of plantation politics,” according to race-healer Bobby Rush. Exit question: Will the IRS be lodging any formal objections with the church about Burris using its stage for politics?