Race-baiting hypocrite: Blocking Burris would put Reid in same position as George Wallace

It’s Bobby Rush, back for a bottom-feeding encore after yesterday’s bravura performance at the presser. Only a neo-segregationist would oppose the Senate’s only black member, says a guy who himself endorsed a white Democrat in the Senate primary four years ago over his old nemesis, Barack Obama. He called Blago’s actions “heinous” earlier this month, too, and agreed with Democratic consensus that he shouldn’t make the appointment before instantly reversing himself yesterday in the interests of racial solidarity. Obama has political capital to spare and multiple reasons here to spend it — tactically, to give Senate Democrats cover and burnish his credentials as the post-racial president, and personally, given his long rivalry with Rush. He should step up and lay this turd out. He’d have plenty of support based on early indications.

Lest you think Burris is a helpless bystander in all this, do note that he’s now merrily playing the race card, too. And not for the first time in his political career.