Video: New York Democrats, Republicans dump all over Caroline

The bipartisan feelgood video of the year, starting with Rep. Gary Ackerman from the left lamenting the “Sarah Palin-ization” of a woman with no record and Reps. Tom Reynolds and Peter King from the right pushing the aristocracy angle to frame the GOP’s line of attack against her in 2010. One point I haven’t heard anyone raise yet: Precisely because Caroline’s vulnerable on the latter point, Senate Democrats will be forced to shore up her credibility right away by giving her a high-profile role on prominent legislation — and it’s not hard to guess what that legislation will be. Everyone comfy with an absolute novice being thrust into an area of policy that’s famously complex? Hillary was going to play point man on health care for Teddy had she remained in the Senate; now, ironically, it’ll probably be her replacement, at least for purposes of photo ops.

The NY1 anchor at the end says he hears the appointment is a done deal, but don’t underestimate the backlash: Suddenly Paterson’s chatting with Rep. Steve Israel about the job. Quote:

A Democratic congressman, meanwhile, told The Post that he received a call from a Kennedy representative last week seeking his endorsement, a move he called “pathetic.”

“It’s pathetic that Caroline doesn’t even make the call herself,” said the congressman, who refused the requested endorsement.

Isn’t that what valets are for?