WaPo classifieds accepting only pro-Obama ads for inauguration

Their earnings have crumbled, the economy’s in chaos, and they’re still willing to turn down easy money the better to glorify The One.

Even a blackhearted nonbeliever like me can’t help admiring true religious devotion when he sees it.

“WashingtonPost Media is at the epicenter of the inauguration, and the Classifieds team is giving readers the chance to send a personal message of congratulations to President-Elect Obama that can be read by millions. The announcements can be placed though the call center or online, with prices starting at $10 for the combo. TWP anticipates about 2,500 – 3,000 announcements will be posted, to appear in the January 20 inaugural issue and live online from today until President’s Day.”…

BUT: Buried in the news is this curious tidbit…

“All ads must be congratulatory in nature. The Washington Post reserves the right to reject any notice.”

This must be costing them a few hundred thou from the birth-certificate nuts alone. Obvious reasons aside, why would they do it? Are they maybe afraid that Rahm’s going to cut off White House access to the hometown paper if a few one-inch harangues about socialism slip through? Or is it really more of a purehearted “you don’t let atheists run ads in the church bulletin” kind of thing”?