Better yet, how about Caroline for president in 2016?

Sounds good, but if we do it, let’s do it the right way — by electing a completely different Democratic ticket, having the VP resign and Caroline appointed to replace him, and then having the president resign. The Gerald Ford plan, in other words. That way she doesn’t have to fatigue herself by campaigning.

It tears at my heart to think that soon I’ll no longer feel right calling Hillary “Her Majesty.”

If Caroline Kennedy is appointed to the Senate and wins reelection, and Barack Obama serves two successful terms, Senator Kennedy from New York, into her second term after two high-profile campaigns, having amazed the pundits with her ability to step on and off charter jets in Rochester and be friendly to members of the City Council, will be an automatic top-tier candidate for president.

The Kennedy-Clinton primary will be a thing to watch.

She’s the people’s choice, unless you count Andrew Cuomo.

I’m trying to imagine what she could do as a senator to get the public to take her seriously as a potential president. She’s palatable to New Yorkers partly because she’s filling a seat held by another celebrity who traded on her name, partly because there are no stars among the state’s dreary crop of congressional backbenchers, and partly because there’s only so much mischief an unqualified legacy pick with serious connections can get up to in the Senate. If it’s a choice between Caroline and, say, Carolyn Maloney, in other words, why not pick the one you’ve heard of? If it’s a choice between Caroline and Hillary or Mark Warner for control of the nuclear football, though? Anything’s possible in eight years, but from what we know of Caroline’s persona, she doesn’t strike me as someone likely to be out in front on the floor, pounding the podium and championing vital legislation. Which is the only way she’ll escape the impression that she’s a chair-filler.

But we can hope. Nothing would be finer than a nepotism cage match between the Clintons and Kennedys for the nomination while Chelsea and Michelle Obama inevitably eye Senate runs of their own. Here’s the latest scoop from the trail in furtherance of that end. She’s not quite ready yet for tough questions like, um, are you qualified, but she’s getting there.