Video: Fox News drops another load of dirty laundry on Palin

Unlike the first clip, this one does corroborate some of the details in the Newsweek report — sort of. Newsweek claims Palin appeared to McCain’s aides in a bath towel; Cameron says it’s a bathrobe. It’s not clear if he’s lifting that story from the piece or if he got it from a source firsthand; if the latter, then there’s either one very determined person leaking to multiple news outlets or … it’s a full-court press.

Whichever it is, you’ll never hear the word “uncommon” uttered as pejoratively as you will here.

I assume this is a sign that Maverick’s headed back to the center, because if he thinks the base is sore at him now, wait until his cronies’ attempts to scapegoat their idol start percolating. The boss’s reaction is emblematic, I’d guess. Exit question: I wonder what Greta, who was chiding the media just 12 hours ago for trying to destroy the ‘Cuda, thinks of these little Cameron segments.

Update: E-mailers are claiming Romney people must be the leakers since Mitt’s the obvious beneficiary of smearing Palin. Two things about that. One, the dirt in the Newsweek piece was leaked on condition that it not be published until after the election. If Romneyites were looking to tear Palin down, the time to leak would have been before the vote to try to sabotage McCain and clear Mitt’s path to 2012. Two, some of this stuff — like the bathrobe story — would have to have come from high-ranking McCain staffers with direct access to Palin. Were there any Romney people that high up in Maverick’s campaign? If not, would people who were that high up be inclined to whisper about it to Romney people and risk them leaking it, especially after all the bad blood between the two sides during the primary?

Update: Ace reminds me that Politico quoted an unnamed McCain aide — probably Randy Scheunemann — two weeks ago as saying Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace (neither of whom is a Romney person) would be the ones trying to tear down Palin. Right or wrong? Read this pool report of a press gaggle with Schmidt aboard McCain’s plane on Monday. Twice a reporter asked him to confirm that he was happy with Palin on the ticket. Twice, no reply. Doesn’t mean he’s the leaker, but it’s “uncommon,” to borrow a phrase.

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