Video: Michelle on Obama, coal, and the media; Update: Palin quotes Michelle?

Red meat for breakfast garnished with two minutes on Ohio’s snooping on Joe the Plumber. Doocy wants to know why the Chronicle didn’t make a bigger deal of Obama’s coal comments in January. I want to know why McCain didn’t make a bigger deal of Obama’s coal comments in, say, July. The audio’s available on the paper’s website for any enterprising campaign oppo researcher to harvest, just as audio of The One’s comments on the Warren Court and wealth redistribution from 2001 was available on the Chicago public radio site (at least until recently). Maverick had the nomination locked up by mid-February; Obama was the clear frontrunner by the end of that month and would just as clearly be preoccupied with Hillary for a long while. What was the RNC’s research team doing between March and early June? Or have they had these clips the whole time and inexplicably decided to hold them for the final two weeks instead of using them to build a narrative early on about The One’s riskiness on energy and the economy? At the very least, they should have dropped them before the debates so that McCain could hammer them in front of a big audience.

I can understand why they held Wright until the bitter end: McCain obviously wasn’t comfortable hitting Obama on his associations, which explains why even Ayers didn’t end up in the mix until things turned desperate in October. What’s the excuse with stuff like the coal audio?

Update: I wonder where the ‘Cuda picked up the “truth serum” line

But she recovered to offer a stinging attack on Obama’s double speak, suggesting the city of San Francisco has a truth-telling effect on the Democratic presidential candidate.

“There must be something about San Francisco,” she said. “I heard on Fox News today, it’s like a truth serum where when he’s there, he seems to be more candid.”