Gallup: Obama now leads by 10 among both traditional and "expanded" likely voters

Zog says McCain +1, Gallup says Obama +10, and Rasmussen splits the difference. Whatever happens, someone’s getting their face rubbed in a pile of warm shinola on Wednesday morning. Nate Silver thinks he knows which one it’ll be. We’ll do more of this on Monday, but here’s CNN’s interactive electoral vote feature in case you want to try mapping out scenarios. As things stand, McCain has to take all six toss-up states plus Pennsylvania plus one other state to win.

Let’s enjoy the left’s suffering now, while we can.

“Look, I have this sense of impending doom; we’ve had a couple of elections stolen already,” Mr. Downs said. “The only thing worse than losing is to think that you’re going to win and then lose.”

He considers that prospect and mutters, almost involuntarily, “Oh, God.”…

Ms. Kuhlman shakes her head and says, “If he doesn’t get this, I’ll be crying so hard.”

A young woman, Shana Rosen, walks by. She is from Denver and said she had told her boyfriend that their love life was on hold while she sweated out Mr. Obama’s performance in Colorado. Ask Lucy Slurzberg, an Upper West Side psychotherapist, how many of her liberal patients speak of their electoral fears during their sessions, and she answers: “Oh, only about 90 percent of them.”…

For many liberals, the chance to elect Mr. Obama, who would be the nation’s first black president, gives the United States a second chance to walk across the stage of world history. (Which also makes the possibility of his loss unspeakably more depressing; given his present lead in every poll, many liberals fear that race will explain any defeat.)

I offer you your optimistic metaphor of the day. No explanation necessary.