Video: A-list celebrity liberals get out the vote for A-list celebrity liberal

In which Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford extol the virtues of voting to the sort of people who need a personal appeal from Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford to get them to turn out. If this feels familiar, it’s because the first iteration — comprised of B-listers plus Leo DiCaprio — went viral, thus guaranteeing that the sequel will go viral too, which explains why the Q rating of this one is about 10 times higher than the last one’s was. The one newsworthy thing about it: Figuring out why Hanks decided to pass.

As noted by MKH, it’s roughly five times as long as it should be. Exit question: What’s Shia LaBoeuf doing in there? A favor from Harrison?

Update: Another clip you’ve seen before, but we’re all about equal time at HA.

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