Open thread: Transmission from Mt. Olympus, or whatever else you're watching

8 p.m. ET on CBS, NBC, Fox(!), Univision, etc etc. ABC and all three cable news nets are scheduled to be Hopenchange-free, but don’t be surprised if Olby points the camera at a monitor airing the commercial and just lets it roll until 8:30. That’s pretty much all “Countdown” is anyway.

Here’s a sneak preview, in which we find The One using his “empathy” voice — quite distinct from this one — and the awkward directionless hand gestures to which we’ve become accustomed during these closing arguments. Snark away below. If you’re depressed at the sight of him momentarily taking over the airwaves, this might cheer you up.

While we wait, anyone have any song ideas for Joe Wurzelbacher? A country/western cover of “Taxman” is obligatory. What about originals? “Your Cheatin’ Clogged the Drainpipe to My Heart”?

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