Video: The obligatory "Joe the Plumber on Huckabee" clip

A sweet “get” for Huck as he builds his populist cred for 2012 but an almost total waste otherwise. I expected a conversation about the media coverage and his employment prospects now that Toledo’s coming after him. Instead, we get two minutes of that at the beginning (“I felt about this small”) and 10 minutes of tax policy 101 from Huck and Stephen Moore, with JTP reduced to a hardworking-Americans-like-you prop.

Hannity’s bound to have him on eventually for the red meat stuff, so look forward to that.

Update: Shocking. New. Details. “On Friday, the East Valley/Scottsdale Tribune in Arizona reported that Mr. Wurzelbacher’s Arizona driver’s license was suspended in May, 2000, following nonpayment of a court-imposed fine for civil traffic violations. He lived in Arizona from 1997-2000.”

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