The obligatory "Colin Powell probably going to endorse Obama on Sunday" post

No word officially, but would an Obama shill like Andrea Mitchell be touting it this heavily if she thought a Maverick moment was in the works?

Hotline‘s predictably jacked, too:

If Powell, retired chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, does endorse, he blesses Obama as a capable leader who is able to manage critical national security and foreign policy matters. Though his push for the Iraq war somewhat tarnished his stellar reputation as a respected military man, Powell, who served three Republican presidents, remains popular. His support for Obama could sway moderates, males, in particular, and working class whites who might be buying into the GOP’s line that Obama isn’t patriotic or American enough.

After four months of non-suspense about his intentions, it’s a relief to know we won’t have to suffer the tedium of this idiocy much longer. Needless to say, with The One on the brink of victory and the ascendant left ready to absolve him of his Bush credentials, Powell has zero incentive to throw in with McCain now. Although it would have been sporting of him not to choose such a high profile venue to break the news so that it’s not airing on a cable loop all day Sunday, which it will be. Exit quotation: “It’s going to make a lot of news, and certainly be personally embarrassing for McCain. It comes at a time when we need momentum, and it would create momentum against us.”

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