Audio: Laura Ingraham versus Heather MacDonald on Palin and identity politics

The 15 most entertaining minutes you’ll spend today, unless Maverick turns to Obama tonight and asks, “So, what’s up with you and terrorists?” The identity politics argument is tangential, really; most of the time is spent dancing around the questions of judgment and experience. Ingraham politely reminds MacDonald that The One has neither and MacDonald reminds Ingraham that he’s at least able to talk intelligently about the issues, demonstrating that he’s thought about them to an extent Palin hasn’t (yet, anyway). Ultimately, she’s making the same point as Buckley: They’re both confident that Obama has a first-rate intellect and a first-rate temperament, to borrow a phrase that’s been circulating, and so they’re both trusting somewhat blindly that he’ll take an intellectual, pragmatic approach to problem-solving rather than a nakedly ideological one. The bet, quite simply, is that events will pull him to the center. That’s some bet.