Video: Tammy Bruce on the Palin t-shirts

Why have these gotten a fraction of the coverage of the “Iron My Shirt” sign that was waved at Hillary despite being considerably nastier? Because, silly: This time the target’s a conservative, which means the malefactors are presumably “enlightened,” which in turn means they’re not part of any larger pattern of behavior. Except, as Tammy explains, they sort of are. Says she of The One, “He has given [tacit] permission to some of these supporters to behave in this manner.” I wouldn’t go quite that far, but it’s true enough that Obama’s never seemed particularly troubled by the nastier attacks on Hillary. Why would he be? If working with a terrorist doesn’t bother him, foulness from supporters he’ll never meet surely won’t.

Not sure I agree with her that these are quite as bad as similar t-shirts with a racial slur would be, but that’s a point on which people of good faith can disagree, and in any case, “what’s more offensive?” discussions are rarely productive. Exit question reminder: If you think the shirts are as bad as it gets, think again.