Video: The obligatory "David Brooks calls Palin a cancer on the party" clip

You read the Headline item, now see the video! His point about anti-intellectualism being a cancer is well taken; attributing that prejudice to Palin, whom we’ve known for fully six weeks, isn’t. What’s most irritating about this, I think, isn’t the fact that he’s underwhelmed with how she’s performed, it’s the fact that he had almost nothing but praise for her in his op-ed about the debate last week. Quote:

Still, this debate was about Sarah Palin. She held up her end of an energetic debate that gave voters a direct look at two competing philosophies. She established debating parity with Joe Biden. And in a country that is furious with Washington, she presented herself as a radical alternative.

By the end of the debate, most Republicans were not crouching behind the couch, but standing on it. The race has not been transformed, but few could have expected as vibrant and tactically clever a performance as the one Sarah Palin turned in Thursday night.

Vibrant, clever — and a cancer on the party. Funny how that last bit slipped in when he was among “equals” from The Atlantic, where the maternity of Trig Palin remains a hot topic, but not when writing for a mass audience. That feels … familiar somehow.

I know people respond viscerally to ‘Cuda insults so let’s have civility in the comments, please.