Hope and change: McCain within one in Hotline, two in Zogby

No foolin’, although Zogby’s had it bizarrely close for awhile now even as other national polls showed The One peeling away. Hotline’s sample seems fair enough: 41% Dem, 36% GOP. (Zogby doesn’t give his.) Is Ayersmania catching on? There might be a likelier explanation:

The candidates remained tied on economic issues. 42% believe Obama would do the best job handling the U.S. economy, and 42% say McCain. 62% meanwhile believe the economy is the most important issue facing the U.S.

McCain, however, now has his largest lead ever on energy issues. 46% favor the GOP nominee on managing U.S. energy policies, and 40% favor Obama. One week ago, in the survey completed 9/30, Obama led 46-40% on energy.

Obama led McCain by five on the economy in the weekend Hotline poll; that advantage evaporated yesterday, and with it went most of The One’s overall six-point lead. The bad news? Neither this latest survey nor Zogby’s includes sampling taken after the debate, which other polls say Maverick lost, so who knows where that’ll leave us tomorrow. The good news? These two aren’t the only national polls suddenly showing an uptick for McCain. Rasmussen has him gaining two today, albeit still trailing by six, and Battleground 2008 shows him netting three points to trail by four. Exit question: Where’s the movement this week coming from? You don’t suppose…

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David Strom 3:31 PM on March 27, 2023