Video: Meltdown on "The View" over Ayers and Obama

The first clip is yesterday’s undercard, the second today’s Shepherd vs. Hasselbeck main event, in which Sherri goes for the moral equivalence jugular by comparing The One’s professional comfort with a terrorist to McCain cheating on his first wife. Barbara and Whoopi are the ones to watch, though, as neither can quite conceive why a guy who declared war on his own country, replete with a body count, and never got around to feeling sorry about it would still be thought of as a political liability. Why, it happened 40 years ago, well beyond the, um, “statute of limitations” of terrorism, and of course he’s “moved beyond” all that now. Except, of course, he hasn’t.

Exit question I’ve asked before but which, sadly, must be repeated: These meltdowns just aren’t the same without big Ro, are they?