Where'd the SNL bailout skit go? Update: Legal threat?

The Unfocused wonders, as do several e-mailers. The other videos on the SNL clip page are working fine but as of 9:25 this one’s suddenly unavailable. No dice at Hulu either, which is odd since I posted their embed of the skit yesterday morning.

Anyone experienced this before with SNL vids? I can’t believe it’s anything more sinister than a glitch, notwithstanding the fact that it’s NBC and that it’s no secret where Lorne and company’s political sympathies lie. If they were worried about shining a light on the Dems’ role in the Fannie/Freddie mess, they wouldn’t have done the sketch or put it online to begin with, no? Or did they not realize until today that McCain was planning to go after The One on this subject, leaving them scrambling to yank it before the news cycle made it go viral? Intrigue!

Like I say, probably a glitch. E-mail us if you see it come back online; the Barney Frank impression alone makes it worth a repost.

Update: The intrigue deepens: The thumbnail for the bailout skit was still visible on the SNL clip page when I started writing this post. Now? Vanished. The link to the clip now redirects to the master clip page.

Update: The boss floats a provocative theory.

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