Video: Fred defends Palin

Maggie Rodriguez seems distinctly less than thrilled to have him there, especially when he brings up Ifill. A good job of good-soldiering, although I’m not sure how well his point about non-lawyers not knowing Supreme Court precedent will play. I brought that up myself yesterday as a possible defense to Palin’s blanking during the Couric interview, but the boss (a non-lawyer) was underwhelmed. Americans like their presidents to be “ordinary” but maybe not that ordinary. To wit, from the new WaPo poll:

Independents now say she’s too inexperienced by a margin of two to one, and more indies say she makes them less inclined to vote for McCain than more so. The good news: Word on the street from Byron York is that debate camp went pretty well. The bad news: Psychics are pessimistic.

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