Video: No, there was no deal on the bailout before McCain got there

Skip ahead to 3:00 and let Carl Cameron explain it all to you. The RNC is sending this around to shoot down the Dems’ claim that Maverick singlehandedly destroyed America’s economic recovery, but there are better spokesmen for the point they’re trying to make than a Fox News talking head. Over to you, Paul Kanjorski:

Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D-Pa.) on Friday suggested Democratic leaders did not solicit enough input from House Republicans on the financial rescue package…

Asked whether House GOP lawmakers are right to believe they were slighted, Kanjorski replied, “I don’t know that we included them in enough, and that’s always a dangerous thing in politics. Remember, you’re dealing with egomaniacs. We’re all egomaniacs down here.”

Kanjorski, who faces a difficult reelection race, is a key player on the bailout package. He is chairman of the House Financial Services subcommittee on Capital Markets, Insurance, and Government-Sponsored Enterprises.

Kanjorski said, “Now, what we have to do is open that door for the House Republicans, bring them on in and say, ‘Guys, you know, we can’t cast your idea aside.’ Let’s listen to it … I think we have to allow them to talk their idea out. We have to be willing to listen.”

As Ed noted this morning, if by “deal” they mean mustering enough votes to pass the bill, that’s already been reached. All Pelosi has to do is pull the trigger. As it is, and as Cameron goes on to say later in the clip, McCain’s going to point to the fact that the House GOP is now fully included in the negotiations when it wasn’t before as his singular accomplishment over the past 24 hours and thus something that made the inevitable deal that’s reached more likely, not less.