Polls: McCain loses two points in Rasmussen, three in Gallup and Hotline

Gallup still has him within three but he’s slipped to seven back in Hotline and five back in Rasmussen, where he and The One have traded leads of one or two points for the better part of four months. A backlash after he pulled out of the debate? Or is this just further byproduct of Obama’s lead on the economy? Hotline ventures a guess:

Also this: “When asked how the financial news/events will affect their vote in Nov., 48% said it would not. Among those who said it would, 29% said it would make them more likely to support Obama, 16% said they’d be more likely to support McCain.” Meanwhile, Rasmussen claims that McCain’s lead among white women is almost gone and that, incredibly, Obama now draws the same level of support among Dems that McCain does among Republicans, suggesting that Clintonites are at last coming home.

As for the trends in swing state polls, let’s just avoid the subject entirely, shall we?

Maybe we should stop thinking about politics for awhile. Here’s a clip of Canadian football players playfully celebrating a touchdown with Duck Duck Goose. Aw.

Update: Brutal.

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