Campbell Brown: McCain's a sexist for keeping Palin hidden away from the media

I can’t tell if she’s serious or just having fun with the campaign by slyly turning their bad-faith accusations of sexism (in her opinion) around on them. She seems serious, but she also usually seems rational, which means she can’t possibly believe that it’s Palin’s delicate femininity and not her greenness on national policy that has Team Maverick eager to keep her away from press ambushes. Not even the nutroots, as far as I’ve seen, has spun the media brownout that stupidly and/or disingenuously.

But since she wants a debate about sexism, what’s with the assumption here about Palin being locked away against her will like Rapunzel in some campaign tower? Absent any evidence to the contrary, we can only assume she’s chosen to go along with this approach. You’re pro-choice, Campbell, aren’t you?