Video: Student surprised to find lefty prof giving anti-Palin writing assignments

A.k.a. “Why David Horowitz will never run out of material.” The claim of classroom intimidation — or, in the words of The One, getting in people’s faces — is much worse than the writing assignment, needless to say. In fact, if critical thinking’s the goal, scrutinizing Palin arguably benefits Republican students more than Democrats in that it asks them to look analytically at a pol whose image they might otherwise accept at face value. But of course, critical thinking’s not the goal; if it was, the Obama cultists would likewise have been challenged to assess the “fairy tale image” of a post-partisan healer who’s somehow friendly with domestic terrorists and whose rhetorical genius consists mainly of moronic koans that would make Dr. Phil blush.

Don’t get angry. Every time one of these incidents comes to light, another dozen profs headed down this same road see the report and check themselves. I hope. Click the image to watch.