Woman with 14% approval rating: Just a reminder that Hillary's supporters are backing Obama

Is Congress’s approval rating still 14 percent, actually? I’ve been goofing on her for that for so long I’m sure it must be out of date. Let me check. Yep — out of date. They’re at 23 percent now, with a better than even chance of another downturn once Reid’s latest bon mot about no one knowing what to do about the economy starts to penetrate.

The 23% Speaker is technically correct here but misses the larger point: It’s true, a majority of Hillary fans are backing Obama, as would a majority of the supporters of any failed Democratic candidate. It’s also true that the minority of them who aren’t supporting him is sufficiently large that it might very well make the difference in the election. According to tonight’s otherwise dismal CBS poll, fully one-quarter of Clintonites are voting for McCain even at this late date despite their relative coolness to Palin, suggesting reasons for their support more substantive than simple gender identification. And speaking of which, remember all the whining from TNR and other leftists after Palin was named about the gall of Republicans in trying to appeal to women on the basis of identity politics? What the hell’s going on in this press conference if not precisely that? Did Pelosi feel she couldn’t pay proper tribute to the left’s new feminist pope with any men in the camera frame?

If you want to see a Hillaryite turned McCainocrat in action, click the image below the vid. Exit quotation: “There are millions of us out there who are connected and we’re getting out the vote for you. When the mainstream media says Hillary supporters are not going to vote for McCain, I tell them they are wrong. We appreciate your campaign reaching out to women.”