New Obama ad: McCain's an anti-amnesty Republican racist like Rush Limbaugh

Jake Tapper took it upon himself to fact-check this down to the atomic level, an effort sufficiently righteous (and gratuitous, given his pedigree) to warrant some extra traffic. So rather than blather about it myself, I’m going to send you over there for all the details. First, though, let me set you up with the transcript of this rancid piece of race-baiting shinola, which manages to smear first Limbaugh and then McCain in the course of an identity politics appeal so shameless that even the amnesty demagogues at the RNC would blush. Quote:

“They want us to forget the insults we’ve put up with, the intolerance,” the television ad’s announcer says in Spanish as a picture of Rush Limbaugh appears onscreen with quotes of him saying, “Mexicans are stupid and unqualified” and “Shut your mouth or get out.”

“They made us feel marginalized in a country we love so much,” the ad continues. “John McCain and his Republican friends have two faces. One that says lies just to get our vote and another, even worse, that continues the failed policies of George Bush that put special interests ahead of working families.”

The companion radio ad uses the same script as above and then continues:

“Don’t forget that John McCain abandoned us rather than confront the leaders of the Republican Party. Many of us were born here, and others came to work and achieve a better life for their families — not to commit crimes or drain the system like many of John McCain’s friends claim. Let’s not be fooled by political tricks from John McCain and the Republicans. Vote so they respect us. Vote for a change.”

Hey, Barry: Who’s “us”? Illegal immigrants can’t vote — not yet, anyway — so this ad clearly can’t be aimed at them. Do enlighten us as to whom the “us” here is, bearing in mind that (a) most amnesty opponents support legal immigration and (b) as Kaus often reminds us, it ain’t just nasty ol’ Republicans who think the border could do with a bit more enforcing. In fact, if you take him seriously, which you shouldn’t, The One supposedly thinks so too.

Exit question: What’s the bigger lie here, the nutroots-worthy distortions of what Limbaugh said or the suggestion that Rush Limbaugh and John McCain, of all people, are fellow travelers on the topic of immigration? Or is it rather the idea that Maverick, who two days ago reaffirmed his desire to push comprehensive immigration reform on his first day in office, has somehow “abandoned” the amnesty lobby?