Obama: Hey, remember when I came up with the plan for that stimulus bill? Democrats: Um, no; Update: McCain video added

I remember it. It was his finest hour. Not including the time he got Putin to back down in Georgia, of course.

Via Jake Tapper, breaking the hearts of his old friends at Salon:

“In January, I outlined a plan to help revive our faltering economy,” Obama said, “which formed the basis for a bipartisan stimulus package that passed the Congress.”

Is that true?

Democrats on Capitol Hill who support Obama say no.

Wanting Obama to win, however, none will say so on the record.

But media accounts from the time make it clear that even though Obama, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, and Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., all offered legislation to provide stimulus to the economy, congressional leaders looped them and their legislation out of negotiations…

[T]hough the bill that eventually passed more closely resembled Obama’s than either Clinton’s or McCain’s, those involved in the drafting of the legislation say it was more a matter of agreeing on a good idea [to issue rebate checks] and was not a matter of, as Obama claimed, his proposal having “formed the basis for a bipartisan stimulus package that passed the Congress.”

He didn’t even show up to vote for it. Not the first time he’s exaggerated his responsibilities in Congress either, as Ace reminds us, and of course he’s not a stickler about carrying out the responsibilities he actually does have.

He sure can give a speech, though, can’t he?

I look forward to the media showing 1/1000th the interest in this case of a candidate with a thin resume lying about his credentials as they’ve shown in Palin touting the fact that she canceled the bridge to nowhere — which she did. Exit question: Does a man who comes from the same professional background as Jesus really need to inflate his resume?

Update: Via InstaGlenn, here’s Maverick laying Obama out.