Rick Warren: Palin called me for guidance to deal with "the unfair, unjust attacks and the mean-spirited criticism"

I’m not sure whether to take this purely at face value or to admire it as a brilliant political calculation as well. There’s no doubt, given her background, that her faith’s helping her through this; I just wonder why she’s calling Rick Warren instead of her own pastor.

Whatever “cone of silence” she might momentarily be in, she’s obviously hearing Kos, Sullivan, and the Trig Truthers loud and clear.

On a Los Angeles radio show, co-host Kathryn Milofsky asked Warren what one question he would direct at Palin if he was able to have her sit down for a forum like the one he hosted last month with John McCain and Barack Obama at his Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California.

“Well actually she called me yesterday,” Warren said. “The question I asked her was ‘how can I pray for you?'”

Warren said that Palin then “asked me to send her some bible verses on how do you deal with the unfair, unjust attacks and the mean-spirited criticism that comes in.”

Ralph Peters:

[T]he root of the left’s dread of this happily married mother of five seems to be that she actually believes in God: How could anyone be that stupid?

Such a woman wouldn’t fit in Washington (nor would a man of equal faith). In the DC area (where I live), plenty of government-affiliated men and women regularly attend a church or synagogue. But their appearances are perfunctory and well-mannered. Passionate faith is regarded as an embarrassment…

Humans fear what they can’t understand, and our comfortable ruling class just can’t comprehend the power and the glory, the beauty and the ecstasy, the awe and commitment experienced by those who believe in a divine power. To paraphrase the late Leona Helmsley, “Faith is for the little people.”

Exit question: Is that why Republican embarrassment turned independent Obama supporter Linc Chafee’s calling her a “cocky wacko”?