Video: O'Reilly grills Obama on Wright, Ayers, Kos, pretty much everyone

As with Olby’s pattycake session, it’s the theatrics, not the (paltry) information gleaned, that make it worth watching. Try not to laugh when The One, asked how he failed to notice Wright’s eccentricities when hate sermons were being recorded and sold by Trinity, counters feebly with, “What can I tell you?” What indeed.

See Guy Benson’s fisking of the interview at Media Blog for a fuller analysis. One thing I’ll give Obama credit for: He’s dead right to note that Ayers had already been mainstreamed by Chicago’s Democratic machine by the time he arrived. In no way does that excuse his association with him, any more so than the left would look forgivingly upon McCain palling around with a clinic bomber who’d been “mainstreamed” by conservatives, but it’s a useful reminder that tolerance for Ayers is by no means a sin unique to Barry O.