Video: Hemmer sandbags Beckel over saying Palin will self-destruct

In which the Foxies do a little investigative journalism on private hallway conversations between their own pundits and producers. Worth watching just for Beckel’s Oliver-Hardy-esque comic flusterment. Is “flusterment” a word? It is now.

Here’s the first pitch in the game to present her as self-destructing, earning swings from the boss, Ramesh Ponnuru, and Treacher. The left understands perfectly well that a lie is as good as the truth, especially with a friendly media, which is why she can’t afford even arguable “gaffes” like this one. And yeah, I know, Biden has his share of gaffes too, but they won’t stick for the same reason McCain’s gaffes don’t stick anywhere except in Nutrootsville: Because he’s been in Washington for so long, no one except the most strident partisan believes he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Whereas with Palin, all it’ll take is one Sunni/Shia snafu at the debate and it’s Bill Paxson time.