Huge: 20-point shift towards McCain among white women since last month in new ABC poll

He’s still down one overall among registereds and up two among likelies, but Gallup pegged white independents last week as the only demographic group where there’s still a major gender gap and thus room for movement. And now, maybe, here it is. ABC doesn’t break down white women by political affiliation, but the 20-point swing is split almost evenly between Obama losing points (nine) and McCain gaining (11). Can’t be only conservative white women who are responsible for that.

To what or whom do we owe this happy reversal, I wonder. The left has been telling us for 10 days how insulted women are by Maverick’s very cynical pick of our token yokel with two X chromosomes, so it surely can’t be her. Hmmm.

I say again: Hmmm.

Views of Palin are highly partisan, as noted in an ABC News poll last Thursday, and registered voters in this survey divide evenly, 47-45 percent, on whether or not she has the kind of experience it takes to serve effectively as president. Nonetheless she does inspire personal affinity in her peer groups. Her high 67 percent favorable rating among white women goes higher still, to 80 percent, among white women with children at home. And 71 percent of white mothers say the pick makes them more confident in McCain’s decision-making as president.

McCain’s also gained 18 points in enthusiasm and leads Obama by 69/24 on the C-in-C question, proving that not all of this is Palinmania. Oh, and the favorables/unfavorables? Palin 58/28, Obama 58/36.

Don’t look now, but Maverick’s suddenly up two in Colorado as well. Exit question: Hey, you know who I bet is enjoying this even more than McCain is?