Captain Earmark: Palin can't just reinvent herself on earmarks

I’m at a loss, and not just because I already wrote about this on Saturday. Not only does this tool inexplicably insist on stoking the inexperience comparisons to Palin by attacking the bottom of the ticket; not only is he hopelessly compromised on this subject, in stark contrast to McCain; but he also cynically “reinvented” himself a few months ago as an earmark reformer after spending years carving off chunks of pork for his buddies and moneymen. What’s next? A press conference with Wright and Pfleger at Trinity to knock Palin’s church for being “eccentric”?

Well, how about Gov. Palin? She’s you know, an up and comer from Alaska. She – they’re starting to run an ad now saying she opposed the bridge to nowhere. Well now, let’s get the facts clear here. When she was mayor, she hired a Washington lobbyist to get earmarks – pork barrel spending – all the things that John McCain says is bad, she lobbied to get! And got a whole lot of it. When it came to the bridge to nowhere, she was for it until everybody started raising a fuss about it and she started running for governor and then suddenly she was against it!

You remember that? For it before you were against it? I mean you can’t just make stuff up. You can’t just recreate yourself. You can’t just reinvent yourself. The American people aren’t stupid.

So saith The One, after having spent the better part of three months recreating and reinventing himself on issues great and small. Exit question one: If the Democrats think Palin’s record on the bridge to nowhere is a winner, how come they’re flushing webpages about it down the toilet? And exit question two: What’s with the patronizing “up and comer” language? That’s the second time he’s tried to diminish her in a week.

Update: I linked this in a previous post too but it bears repeating: Which party’s ticket can boast not one but two people who supported the bridge to nowhere? Hint: Not the GOP’s.

Update: “I thought he wouldn’t want to go there.”