Video: Bill Bennett rips CNN for turning Palin's daughter into a political football

We got a bunch of excited e-mails about this leading me to think it was some sort of O’Reilly/Geraldo nuclear exchange. It’s okay — perfectly righteous about not turning Bristol Palin into some sort of springboard for a venal talking-head debate on abstinence education, but cordial and low key. The real outrage, as you’ll see, is CNN bringing up the pregnancy rumors about Palin herself as an intro to the Bristol piece. Here’s how easy it would have been for them to check that before going on air with it. Stay classy, CNN.

That clip and the Bennett clip are linked to the first image below; beneath that you’ll find a link to video of Bill Kristol getting exercised at Mort Kondracke along the same lines. Click both to watch. Exit question: Per BB’s logic, how is Palin supposed to be questioned about abstinence-only now given how close the issue hits to home? Any attempt to do so will call to mind her daughter and end up treating her like a political football, even if she isn’t specifically mentioned.