Video: Peggy Noonan salutes MSNBC's "fatuous suck-upping" ... on MSNBC; Update: Link fixed

And Smokin’ Joe Scarborough, recently of Shovelgate, can barely contain his glee over it. Any guesses as to which of the big three fatuous suck-uppers at MSNBC he has in mind in goofing on Hillary’s speech as a “grand slam, out of the ballpark”? Right: The tool who was for her before he was against her and now is for her again because she’s back in the nutroots’s good graces.

After you’re done here, go watch the clip at Olby Watch of our straight-down-the-middle modern-day Murrow urging an AP writer on air last night to “find new work” after he committed the grievous sin of not soiling his pants over Barack Obama’s speech. Remember, Olby’s always at pains to stress how his role as opinionated nutroots vlogger on “Countdown” is very different from his role as unbiased anchorthing when covering election events. See how different he sounds to you. And be sure to note which website apparently gave him his talking point on the matter. Click the image to watch.

Update: Bad link below. Fixed now.