Palin: Yes, there was sexism towards Hillary but she shouldn't whine about it

Someone e-mailed me about this earlier and made it sound like she was laying into Hillary, a righteous development in most cases but not on the day she made her pitch to the PUMAs. Not to worry: It’s not a slam, just a gentle nudge that the sisterhood is ill served by a posture of perpetual grievance, especially when the aggrieved is one of the most powerful women in the world. Not to go too far into the tank but I think she strikes just the right note between sympathy and impatience with victimization. But Ben Smith’s right: God help her now if she plays the victim herself when the left starts throwing uppercuts. This’ll run on a loop on cable for a week as a counterpoint. Exit quotation from Ann Althouse: “As a feminist, I love that she did not leverage herself into power through her husband and consider this an important improvement over Hillary.”