Video: Time for the daily "Olbermann antagonizes another colleague" clip

First Shovelgate, now this. In Kayo’s defense, I think this is less a case of him calling Matthews a bigmouth than Matthews’s sensitivity to being called a bigmouth leading him to take offense where none was intended. Note that Olby doesn’t say Chris was running off at the mouth; he says both of them were (“us”), self-deprecatingly, whereupon Matthews explodes — and not for the first time yesterday, either. Then again, Olbermann’s never been above smearing his enemies by running segments imputing unconscious intent to the otherwise innocent things they say, so let’s go ahead and return the favor by assuming that even if he didn’t know he meant to insult Matthews, he actually did mean to. Just because.

Either way, this isn’t remotely the most insulting thing he said last night. Exit question: What kind of cretin equates Democrats who work for Fox News with wartime enemy propagandists? Exit answer: The same kind of cretin who thinks Fox News is worse than Al Qaeda.