Stay, er, classy, Madonna: Concert video compares McCain to Hitler, Obama to Gandhi

I’m desperate enough for content this slow news morning that I can just manage to pretend to care. Besides, I challenge you to come up with a better example of mindlessly conformist leftist nonconformity than Madonna lazily belching up yet another “conservatives = Nazis” meme. I think you’ll agree, it’s even more shocking and transgressive in its eighth thousandth permutation.

This’ll barely raise an eyebrow nationally, partly because her act is staler than Marilyn Manson’s was when the Onion dropped this on him but also for the same reason Howard Dean’s insinuations about Republicans never seem to get much buzz. Some smears are simply more equal than others, a fact that would become instantly apparent if some country star dared show a clip juxtaposing Obama with, oh say, the Weather Underground. Exit question: Does a person who says of ritualized rape, “It’s not my place to judge that tradition,” really want to start a who’s-more-like-Hitler contest? Click the image to watch.