New Obama ad: Hey, McCain's old

Yes, ostensibly it’s another shot at McCain for owning two more homes than John Kerry does, but you don’t need your Josh Marshall Secret Subtext Decoder Ring to figure out what forgetfulness plus the need for motorized transport around the golf course means. I’m honestly curious to see what this line of attack does for Obama in the polls; I think it’s doomed to fail, thanks partly to Maverick’s POW suit of armor and partly to the Dems’ exposure from having nominated a near-billionaire last time (assuming the RNC ever gets around to reminding the public of that), but we’ll see. Hopefully we’ll get some weekend polls about it, otherwise the numbers will be distorted by the convention. Speaking of which, McCain’s team claims it expects a 15-point bounce for Obama. I’m thinking more like eight.

Exit question: What’s the conservative counterpart to liberals’ perennial attacks on the GOP nominee as being “out of touch”? Attacks on lefty patriotism, I guess?