Mark Halperin: Two GOP sources say it's Romney; Update: NYT says it's Romney or Pawlenty

So much for Pawlenty versus Lieberman. Halperin’s posts have been known to disappear inexplicably, so here’s the thumbnail for posterity just in case this one floats off into the ether before morning. Exit question: Fear the Reaper?

Update: You know who he could have picked who would have totally locked this election up for us?

Update: The Times says Ridge and Lieberman have at last been eliminated and the shortlist is down to Romney and Pawlenty — with David Petraeus being mentioned in a naked attempt by Team Maverick to steal a little buzz from Obama’s VP announcement tomorrow. New theory, then: Halperin’s sources are two pro-Romney partisans within the party who are trying to make life uncomfortable for McCain by putting Mitt’s name out there now and stirring up some excitement for him.