Heart-ache: Obvious Bigfoot hoax confirmed as obvious Bigfoot hoax

Via Bill Amos, no snark I can muster will rival the comedy gold that awaits you in the details laid out at Searching for Bigfoot, the same website that hyped this preposterous charade a few weeks ago and is now left holding the bag. Special kudos to “expert” Bigfoot hunter and SFP CEO Tom Biscardi, whom we last encountered inviting Megyn Kelly to inspect the costume that the hoaxsters had unwittingly(?) foisted upon him and who apparently arranged a press conference attended by national media to tout the find based on nothing more than a single DNA sample and a promise that the story was true. According to CNN, he’s now “ill” and unable to return calls. The hoaxsters? Having collected their advance, they’ve disappeared — off searching for Bigfoot, let’s hope.

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