Bigfoot hunter to Megyn Kelly: You're invited to inspect our Sasquatch; Update: DNA test debunks 'Squatch

The presser the world was waiting for has come and gone. How’d it go? Proof, finally, that the ‘Squatch walks among us? Not quite. They displayed a couple of blurry photos but decided that they couldn’t produce the DNA evidence they’d been promising because they have to protect what is, after all, an “endangered species.” Yes, really. And then there’s this:

Meldrum says Whitton and Dyer released a YouTube video said to show a scientist traveling to Georgia to examine the “body.” Both Meldrum and The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization say that numerous viewers quickly figured out that the “scientist” was, in reality, Martin Whitton, the deputy’s brother.

The good news? You can purchase what appears to be an eerily similar “carcass” online.

The clip’s a few days old but they repeated their offer to Kelly at the presser this afternoon so it’s current enough. Exit question: If it’s a hoax, what’s the motive? Money? The fun of messing with people? Or is it simply an ingenious plan to meet Megyn Kelly? Note to KP, in case she’s looking to branch out and do some reporting: I have the only Chupacabra in captivity in a cage in my backyard.

Update: Testing results on two DNA samples: One’s human, the other’s 96 percent possum. Come see the Chupacabra instead, Megyn!