FCC commissioner: Dems might try to extend the Fairness Doctrine to the Internet

It’s Robert McDowell, a Bush appointee, making a fine GOTV pitch for November but not making much sense to me, at least, on the merits. This subject has come up before so I’ll repeat the question I asked last year: Why, given their advantage online, would liberals ever want to subject the ‘Net to a Fairness principle? If it’s true that the country is trending left, and shifts in party identification seem to point that way, equal time for underrepresented viewpoints is the last thing a Democratic government should be pushing (unless of course they’re only targeting talk radio). Rasmussen actually polled this issue last summer and found the number willing to Fair-ify the ‘Net alarmingly high — 34 percent, compared to 50 percent who prefer laissez faire. There’s no breakdown by party, but given that a clear majority of liberals supported Fairness generally while a near majority of conservatives opposed it, it’s safe to say that 34 percent is comprised mainly of lefties who are either willing to sacrifice their own political advantage to the cause of “equal time” or too stupid to realize that Fairness isn’t necessarily a synonym for “more exposure for liberals.” We’ll have to wonder.

Exit question borrowed from another earlier post: If the Dems do surf a huge blue wave to victory in November, is there any dumber legislative move they could make — short of trying to pass amnesty, of course — to energize the conservative base they’d just crushed? Click the image to watch.