New ChiCom chicanery: Girl who sang anthem at opening ceremony lip-synced

No big deal? It’s a bigger deal at least than the footprint fireworks graphic was for the simple reason that NBC was duped this time: Not only does Bob Costas identify the girl onscreen as the singer, but you’ll hear Matt Lauer say that the children picked for that segment were all ordinary, average Chinese children. Mighty ironic given the reason the Chinese government decided they need a lip-syncer in this case. Have a look at the side by side photo comparison. Buck teeth at the totalitarian Olympics? Quote: “The child on the screen should be flawless in image, in her internal feelings, and in her expression.”

Click the image to watch — and don’t quit until you hear one of NBC’s broadcasters pay skin-crawling tribute to the Chinese military as guarantors of the people’s security. Exit question: Say, what are Bush and Putin talking about in that rather animated snippet of conversation we see in the cutaway? Hmmm.