Video: Nice movie career you've got there, wingnut; it'd be a shame if something happened to it

One ominous comment from an entertainment writer does not a blacklist make, but then it’s more than just one comment that has people like Voight and Breitbart concerned. Consider this a bookend to Ed’s post this morning about Tom Matzzie’s strongarm tactics; given the media attention to that story and to this one, I’d say we’re already well into backfire territory on each. As for Voight’s allusion near the end to hearing more from Hollywood conservatives in the next few months, I assume he means David Zucker’s upcoming movie. The negative reviews are doubtless already being written, but read Stephen Hayes’s piece on it in the Standard if you haven’t yet. I hope it does well because this may be the last paycheck the cast sees for awhile. Click the image to watch.

Update (Ed)I interviewed Myrna Sokoloff, co-writer of Voight’s upcoming movie with David Zucker, An American Carol, yesterday.  She and I discussed the future prospects of the cast, which includes Dennis Hopper, Kelsey Grammer, and Kevin Farley, as well as her own hopes for a career.  The movie comes out October 3rd.